140809: yura vs the rain

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kill me nowthe first one tho what a losermy loveyuragirls day
“What I love about Big A is their reasons for being A. The motives to do what Big A has been doing are so perfect for all of the shenanigans this character has pulled off. I’m just really, really excited to reveal that to the fans when we expose A’s identity. I love big A’s motives and motivation even more than who Big A is.”
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JUST TELL ME WHO IT ISpretty little liars
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GODwho allowedhyukvixx

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Spencer Hastings - 5x12. Taking This One To The Grave

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this was fuckedcleverly played thospencerpretty little liars

 다혜헤헿 @BESTie_Dahye 

다혜연은단둘이지금뭐하고있을까~요? pic.twitter.com/LBaBS3IeBd


다혜연은단둘이지금뭐하고있을까~요? pic.twitter.com/LBaBS3IeBd

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so attractive get outhyeyeondahyebestie

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BYEEEEEEblue canada noooowendyred velvet
hekomirukii asked:
don t desrtroy me with sayamiru aus destryoy me with girl groups romy i trusted u

what happens if both

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IM CRYprecioussoyeonyulheelaboum

laboum in ‘pit a pat’ bts

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bbs ;w;laboum